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When I have been finishing my studies  I have heard first about eukariotas which had not appeared after cell without nucleus going perfect but after connecting several of them.  Something like the ameba with something like nucleus absorber –as a result of phagocytosis of the cell which was able to have aerobic respiration.  But this cell was not digested.  It started to live inside its host as its symbiont.  Now we call it motochondrion – the power plant of the cell. As the result of the absorption of the cell of the green algae appeared chloroplasts and then the cell was able to take the energy from the sunshine.  It is the plant cell. The cell without chloroplasts is an animal cell and the mushroom cell.

When I was thinking about it I found it a very interesting hypothesis.

For the second time when I was reading a book by Holman von Dirtfurth  „The first was hydrogen”             I met the same interesting hypothesis.

While reading about the history of our Universe from the Great Explosion I understood that if the cells with nucleus were composed of the cells without it, then it was the phenomenon which was not written in the Darwin’s  theory of the evolution.  Multicellular organisms – also the people, the human beengs  –have inside the cells with nucleus,  these cells have inside the cells without nucleus. The cells without nucleus  have inside the chemical compounds and the chemical compounds have inside the atoms, the atoms have inside electrons, protons and neutrons. Then there are  quarks. Then the photon is the smallest elementary particle and the electromagnetic wave. The sequence of the changes from the Great Explosion was Universe. The matter has many levels and each molecule can appear while joining the elements of interior level.  It is the mechanism which explain the jumping changes of this level.

  1. From the elements of interior level appear the new elements of the higher level
  2. The elements of the matter of the higher level start changing
  3. The elements of the matter can connect
  4. Some of this elements are connected
  5. The elements of the next level appear

The evolution is not stopped by the elements of the higher level but it is able to put the interior level under the higher level.

I have started ordering the levels of the matter  which I have known:

  1. On the begining appear the elementary particles as result of interference of the energy. Probably it is the photon. May be it is the neutrino – so small that it can easily pass the Earth. May be it is the Higgs particle.
  2. Then there the Rother elementary particles without ordered state – we know about 100 of them. When Large Hadron Collider ( LHC ) starts his work the number of them wiil be much bigger and they will have many levels of the matter.  We can not see too small or too great civilisations. This law applies also to the molecules on many of levels of the matter; a new counting goes :
  3. Gravitrons joins into :
  4. Nucleons (electron, proton, neutron)
  5. Atoms
  6. Simple chemical compound
  7. Organic compound
  8. Biochemic cycles (known by the doctors)
  9. The cell without the nucleus
  10. The cell with the nucleus
  11. Multicellular organisms (also the people)

This repeatibility we can call the matematic sequence. Now we must ask the question if this sequence is finished or not finished, because the mechanism which makes this sequence goes further.

  1. Multicellular organisms join into the families – vertebrates and invertebrates
  2. The families join into the bigger common groups – e.g. the ants or the people
  3. The bigger common groups join into the peoples of the country
  4. The peoples of the country join into the bigger unions – the first of them in our history was the Republic of Both Nations .

Our world exists in step system. The proportions of the orbits of stars, atomic electron shells and also, as I heard, the length of people step to their height have the same proportions. It will be better to know the length of the step of the matter from one level to next level, but it will be interesting for the atomic physics after several years. The Large Hadron Collider will help to do it. May be on the same levels will appear new types of force which connect the matter. The electric, electromagnetic and chemical forces, may be also the money and the intelligence do not appear in the elementary particles.

On some level we see the countries and the unions of them – it’s difficult to think about  them as the state of the development of the Universe.

In the middle of Africa there  is the continuous war, because the British people made the colonial stage – not the national stage – so they fight because in the other country their nation is putting down. The Americans have no success in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are many revolutions in the Arab countries in the north Africa – there are no nations – but only the groups of rivaling people.

The universal revolution make people to have their countries – like Baltic People  – the most fighting nation, which lived in the Republic of Both Nations. They couldn’t live in hostile surroundings.             Also the Indians in XVIII and XIX century couldn’t fight without their own country. May be it will be letter to make the national countries; but not an one man country? We may learn the tolerance. After the greatest wars  the European countries made common European Union and many of the countries joined it.  But why if it have to be so bloody? Like the terrorist killing people in their towns? The changing of the small groups into their common country is difficult. We can see some stages near us.  Is the drug addiction the illness of one people, or maybe the family? What makes the young people to take the drugs ? Maybe it will be better to do the therapy of all the family to eliminate the cause and not only the symptoms? In  USA they tried to create  a small town for the drug addicts.

On the beginning it was successes but when the town started to get  bigger,  the drug addiction came back, and the project was shut down.

Now we talk about the genesis of the life on Earth : has it come in the tail of the comet, or from the sea, or from the methane planet? According to the hypothesis of the evolution of the matter it was the stage of the changes in the Universe. The simple chemical compounds with the carbon became connected in a long chains then joined the nitrogen, phosphorus … and we could see the organic compounds. They started working with each other – the biochemical cycles. Then appeared the first cells with the cell wall without the nucleus. The most easy for us is looking at the multicellular organisms, which existed for many millions years. Some  of them appeared the other disappeared in the same time. The dinosaurs have lived here for many millions of years, but after the hit of the meteor hit  the Jukatan they disappeared. They evaluated  to the birds, but mammals started to dominate the Earth.

In our very short (in geological terms ) life we can see changes in some insects. They are now more resistant to  insecticides.  Also some the plants became resistant to Randap. But the changes we see occured especially on the level of the cells without nucleuses. The bacteria reproduces about once a very 20 minutes.  The genetic changes are very quick in them and the scientists study  these changes.

The changes are more deep than we think. We can see DNA chains, DNA cycles in bacteria’s mitochondrium.  But isn’t the end. The scientists found a DNA which has inside the arsenic so toxic for us. It’s the prove that the life had many starts.

Our DNA won, but it hadn’t the monopole.  If we look broader we can see the evolution of the monarchy to the democracy or different families from monogamy to the polygamy (people). The see the anatomic changes in the children who was born by one mother (insects-termites).  If we look short we can see the matter which hasn’t the atomic structure.  It is the plasma easy to be made in the laboratory.

If we look further we can see the Sun’s planets whose evolutions was different in each of them. Sometimes it was a stone, sometimes ice and sometimes gas giant – like Jupiter ( I don’t understand why the gas, because the hydrogen is in liquid form and it works like the metal making the electromagnetic field).

It we look further we can see the matter, which evoluates to the stars  in many places , the galactics changing in the galactic time.

The physics found that there are two more matters – the dark matter and the dark energy. Our matter has many holes – for example the atom is 10.000 times as big as  its nucleus. If we put the nucleus at the beginning of the track then the electrons will be on its end.

How many holes are there in electrons, protons or neutrons – we don’t know.

The dark matter may be moved in its phase – it is named in science-fiction a parallel Universe .          But if it exists we are not there the same as we are here, but  we are a little different, according to the science-fiction books. But perhaps the energy is a wave and has a step character. Perhaps the  different energy which we can’t see exists on the different length of the step?

And the one more of my reflections  about a Great Explosion.  If our matter has so many holes its almost impossible for our Universe to be an energy not a matter. It’s more probable that the Great Explosion was the explosion of matter.

It is not pleasant idea, that we are not the last and best state of matter . But it may tell us that it’s better to think how to co-work together than fight for the domination.  And we must think where we live and how we live, or otherwise the Universe will go on without us.

* If e = mc2, it should have a common name, matergia = matter + energy

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